Saturday, January 13, 2018

Unique Cremation Urn for a Meaningful Memorial

A Unique Cremation Urn for a Meaningful Memorial

I began designing cremation urns, keepsakes, jewelry and pet urns ten years ago, spurred by the loss of a loved one.  My husband had lost his mother, and the search for a funeral urn that reflected her personality was less than fulfilling.
Meadow Cremation Urn

His family had no choice but to settle for one of the available offerings, which was not as meaningful as it could have been.  Since then, I’ve dedicated myself to making urn and keepsake offerings that are able to stand as expressions of a loved one’s style and persona, and inspire loving memories.  When we bid a final farewell, it’s the beautiful aspects of a life we are celebrating – we recognize all the love, commitment, effort and integrity that person has contributed to our lives, our family, friends and community. 

As a lifelong collector of Tiffany-style art glass, I’ve been in love with the shimmering aura of iridescent glazes for decades.  The aura this kind of hand blown glass brings to an object, such as a vase or a light shade, inspired me to begin working with two world class glass blowers to create funeral offerings.  Producing uplifting pieces became my life’s work, and I’m so happy I chose this path.  Some of the testimonials I’ve received attest to the uplifting effect that has rippled through people’s lives.

Blue Heaven Cremation Urn
A unique urn or keepsake that aptly represents the spirit of our loved one makes a perfect focus at the front of the funeral gathering, and continues to engender warm and loving remembrance long after the life celebration is over.  

I know of one family that decided to conduct a scattering ceremony with their mother's ashes, after the funeral.  This ceremony became an intimate and healing family ritual, with each immediate family member saying a few words prior to the scattering.  Now they are using the spherical top of the urn to contain a few mementos, and have engraved the brass closure with her name, dates, and a brief epitaph, to make a small and unique permanent memorial.  The most wonderful use of the vessel part of her urn though, I think, is as a vase to hold flowers, and it's present during every important family gathering. 
Blue Heaven Keepsake Memorial

Whether the final location of the cremation memorial urn is in-home, in a columbarium niche, or elsewhere, the essence of our loved one continues to shine on, reminding us of their unique and beautiful enduring spirit.

All best wishes,
Barbara Bergen, Designer

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