Monday, June 18, 2018

Affordable Cremation Urns

How Can I Find Affordable Cremation Urns? 

It's a good question.  We all want to find the perfect urn for our loved one, but often the urn that best fits their style and spirit is a little (or a lot) out of our price range.  So how do we find discount cremation urns?  Here is our page with deeply discounted urns and keepsakes:

Blue Heaven Cremation Urn
At Cremation Urns by Legacy, we consider it our mission to offer inspiring, uplifting urns and keepsakes to everyone, in every price bracket.  All of our funeral urns and keepsake memorials, however, are hand made, making it difficult to compete with machine manufactured pieces.  That said, it's also the very hand crafted nature of our products that brings the quality of inspiration to them -- many of the techniques required to make our urns are simply not achievable in manufactured pieces.

Our Discount Cremation Urns page features various pieces with deep discounts.  Due to the hand crafting process, some urns have a very tiny flaw, which is shown in a close-up photo (we wouldn't sell an urn with a flaw that was any more than tiny).  

Amber Mini Urn Keepsake
Other urns are more petite than the standard urn size.  The standard size being 200 cubic inches, which is the volume needed for an adult up to 200 pounds.  Some of our discounted funeral urns are smaller than the standard, and one of these small urns would be perfect for someone who weighed up to 145 pounds.  We also have a very slender purple urn that will contain the ashes from one whose healthy weight was only up to 80 pounds.  And one of our keepsake mini urns is available in limited quantity, the Amber Mini Urn Keepsake, which holds only a very small amount of ashes, 1 cubic inch.

We have another helpful function within our web store that allows you to search for urns or keepsakes by the weight of the person: , and our discounted urns will also appear within your weight search. 

We hope to help you find the perfect urn or keepsake that reflects your loved one's beautiful spirit, from among our cremation urns on sale.  But in case our Discount Cremation Urns page doesn't have what you are looking for, please use this Coupon Code, LOVE20.  Also known as a promo code or discount code, enter LOVE20 during checkout, for 20% off your entire order, with Free Shipping (to anywhere in continental North America). 

All best wishes for finding the most perfect, yet affordable cremation urn.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

What Size Are Cremation Urns?

What Size Are Cremation Urns?  If you would prefer to watch our YouTube video on this subject, with visuals that help explain the various size factors for funeral urns and keepsakes, please click here:

Everyone at some time will face the death of a loved one.  

Over 50% of funerals are cremations,

so here are some critical points when buying an urn or keepsake.

1. The Weight to Volume Formula  

The Formula is: 1 lb. of healthy weight becomes 1 cubic inch of ashes.  

If your loved one weighed 180 lbs., buy an urn that’s at least 180 cubic inches. 

Most urns are 200 cubic inches. 

There are smaller sizes, as well as larger sizes.

2. Intended Location 

If you want to keep the urn at home, consider its dimensions. 

For a china cabinet or shelving unit, measure the shelf height. 

Or, if you prefer a columbarium niche, ask about height options.

3. Disposition of the Ashes 

Some families conduct a Scattering Ceremony. 

If scattering, you may choose to keep some ashes in a keepsake. 

Or, you can put mementos instead of ashes into a keepsake,

like a small photo, a lock of hair, a poem or letter.

4. Dividing the Ashes 

Another choice is dividing the ashes among family members. 

If so, use “The Formula” to add up the sizes of keepsakes to hold all the ashes:

1 lb. of healthy body weight = 1 cubic inch of ashes.  

A keepsake for each person’s home will inspire loving memories.

5. Your Loved One’s Personality 

To capture the spirit of your loved one, consider their style. 

What made them happy?  What was their favorite color? 

It may take some searching, but you’ll know the right urn when you see it.

There can be great comfort in having properly memorialized your loved one.

See all of our inspiring funeral urns & keepsakes at our Canadian web store, or in our USA web store,  And please use our “Friends & Family” promo code FAF10 in either web site, for 10% off, with Free Shipping!