Saturday, February 4, 2017

Funeral Planning

Consider Writing out Your Funeral Plan for Your Loved Ones

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Lots of people do some thinking about their own funeral plans.  If you’ve chosen cremation, your loved ones most likely know that this is your choice – but unfortunately not much else.

Meadow Cremation Urn
What happens when you pass away?  Grief-stricken, your loved ones start to organize a funeral with their chosen funeral home. As part of the cremation arrangements, they must choose an urn or box for containing the ashes.  At this point, while in a state of emotional distress, many opt for a basic box, with the intention of finding an urn later.  The box goes into the closet and creates a feeling of guilt, or is simply forgotten.

In some cases an urn is eventually purchased, and the funeral home will then transfer the ashes for you.  The urn may be placed in a cemetery, a columbarium niche at the cemetery or within your church, in a mausoleum, or within your family's home on a fireplace mantel, in a china cabinet, or on a shelf where it becomes a warm reminder of you, and part of the their everyday life. 

Starlight Cremation Urn - Medium Size

Most funeral homes sell traditional brass urns or wooden boxes that are affordable, practical, and utilitarian.  But does it express you, your taste, or your persona in any way? As a loving gesture to your family, you could save them the stress of this decision by pre-planning and finding your own urn.  You could leave them with something to inspire warm memories, an urn that reflects your style and personality.  Your urn would then be integrated into the funeral service at the front of the chapel, providing a focus for the proceedings, after which it would become part of an inurning ceremony at the cemetery, or be embraced into your loved ones’ home as a piece of art.
Poppies Cremation Urn

Meanwhile, with this loving gesture completed, you could let your family know where it is, and use it to contain your will, a letter to your family, or any mementos you wish to pass along.  You could use it as a piece of art in your own home, and a beautiful reminder to live well and fully each and every day.  Or enjoy it as a flower vase!  In any case, when it eventually passes on to your family, you’ll know that it will be an inspiring and uplifting reminder of you that stands for your unique and enduring spirit.

To further provide for your loved ones, you could record all the necessary info that your family will need to amass upon your passing.  We have a printable page called Funeral Planning Guide, where you can easily enter all the details they must gather, and store it in a place you will make them aware of - like, for example, inside your urn! 

You could ask your Funeral Professional to source an urn from our collection, by showing them our web store, or you may buy directly from us at Cremation Urns by Legacy Canada.

Barbara Bergen is a designer and owner of Luxx Media and Cremation Urns by Legacy.  Working with top glass blowers, she has created and co-curated an array of exceptional and inspiring funeral urns, memorial keepsakes, cremation jewellery and pet urns in her Canadian online store, Cremation Urns by Legacy Canada, where free shipping is included on every item

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