Friday, April 20, 2018

5 Factors When Choosing a Cremation Urn

5 Factors When Choosing a Cremation Urn

Almost everyone at some time in their life will face the death of a loved one.  Over 50% of funerals are cremations, and by 2035 it's expected that over 80% will be cremations.  So here are some critical points to consider when buying an urn or keepsake.
Various sizes of cremation urns and keepsakes

#1. The Weight to Volume Formula  

The Formula is this: 1 pound of healthy weight becomes 1 cubic inch of ashes.  

If your loved one weighed 170 lbs., buy an urn that’s at least 170 cubic inches. 

Most urns are 200 cubic inches - this is the standard size recommended by CANA, the Cremation Association of North America. 
Almost all urns conform to this size, but there are smaller sizes available, as well as larger ones.

#2. Intended Location 

If you want to keep the urn at home, you may wish to consider the urn's dimensions. 
For example, for a china cabinet or shelving unit, measure the shelf height. Similarly, for a mantel piece, measure the depth of the mantel.  Or, if your family has selected a columbarium niche, ask about the interior height options, to make sure there is comfortable space for placing the urn within the niche.

#3. Disposition of the Ashes 
Poppies Small Keepsake

Some families conduct a Scattering Ceremony, which can be a very healing and intimate ritual, usually attended only by immediate family and closest friends. It's noteworthy that one should check that scattering is allowed in your intended location - bodies of water, and privately owned property with the owner's permission, are usually okay.

If scattering, you may choose to keep a portion of the ashes in a small keepsake. 

Or, you can put mementos instead of ashes into a keepsake, like a small photo, a lock of hair, a poem or letter.  Either with ashes or mementos, a small keepsake can make a beautiful in-home memorial.

'Forget Me Not' Mini Urn Keepsake holds a small amount of ashes.
#4. Dividing the Ashes 

Another choice is dividing the ashes among family members. 

If so, use “The Formula” to add up the sizes of keepsakes to hold all the ashes:

Each pound of healthy body weight = 1 cubic inch of ashes.  

When family members live at great distances from one another, a keepsake for each person’s home will inspire loving memories for years to come.

#5. Your Loved One’s Personality

I've saved the best for last. To capture the essence of your loved one, consider their style and spirit. What made them happy?  What was their favorite color?  It may take some searching, but you’ll know the right urn when you see it.

There can be great comfort in having properly memorialized your loved one, by capturing their style and spirit in your choice of urn and/or keepsake. 

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