Monday, September 10, 2018

Promo Code for You:  FAF10

As part of our introduction of our newest line of cremation urns, keepsakes and pet urns, we want to give you our Friends and Family 10% discount with Coupon Code FAF10.

These cremation urns and funeral memorials have a very special effect: when placed in a sunny location, these urns will reflect a fantastic starscape of lights throughout the room ... this becomes a daily and uplifting effect that occurs at the same time each day when the sunlight pours through the window and reflects off the mosaic surface of the urn.
Starlight Flat Top Urn from the Reflections Series

The Reflections Collection is made up of funeral urns for adults in two sizes (Large for a person up to 200 lbs, and Medium for up to 175 lbs), spherical child or infant urns in three sizes, and spheres in three different sizes for pet urns for cats and dogs.

The large and medium adult urns are hand crafted in art glass, with a silver plated ring at the rim, and a choice of sphere top or flat top, depending on height availability in the urn's intended location. Included with the urn is a plastic liner bag, instructions for transfer of ashes, and permanent sealant.

Rainbow Sphere Memorial Urn
The spheres, also hand made in art glass, sit upon a solid brass stand and have a solid brass Closure, which provides an area for engraving name, dates, and a few thoughtful words.  Included with each sphere is a plastic liner bag, instructions for ashes transfer, a velvet pouch and a small ziplock bag for containing mementos separately from the ashes.

Use our Friends and Family promo code FAF10 for 10% off your entire purchase of any items in our web store, and free shipping - simply enter the code during checkout. The benefits of our new line of hand made cremation urns are not only their uplifting and inspiring reflective nature, but also their affordability. If you've been waiting to find the perfect cremation urn or memorial, now is the time to visit our web store at to see our full collection of funeral urns, cremation jewellery, keepsakes and pet urns. 


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